New Background

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything on here. I’ve been working on updating my portfolio, among other things. Here is a new background I whipped up for Around Philly just in time for the big heat wave we are going through. Toss it up on your computer and iPhone to try to keep cool, and turn on the AC.

Wallpaper for Around Philly

So we are going to be doing some wallpapers for Around Philly and here is my first contribution. Hopefully when you have it on your desktop it can inspire you to seize the day and get things done.

And here is the iPhone version.

Wallpaper treat

Well, I finally got an iPhone. Mike went with me the the Apple store to get it, then it took us 20 minutes just to get out of the parking garage at the mall. Good ol’ post holiday shoppers. I have been wanting one for the longest time, but my budget just wasn’t allowing it. It’s just as amazing as I thought it would be, and then some. Here is a little something I threw together, feel free to use it.

Public School show

So I finally got to the studio tonight to print my words for the upcoming showPublic School-A Lesson in Collaboration. I started the process on my break from work, where I sacrificed lunch to reclaim my screen and get my negatives ready. After work at around 6, I headed over to the studio to start everything. I got everything done in a little under 3 hours and was super pumped for making such good time, then when I went to get my prints, I realized I left 4 prints with only 1 color (it’s a 2 color print.) Sooooo, I had to get everything out I just cleaned up, set up my screen and everything again, and finish the last 4 prints. You better believe I was contemplating just scrapping those 4, but I didn’t have it in me to let people down like that. The show is this Saturday, details are at the link above. If you guys are free you should totally come check it out. There is going to be a TON of talented people showing their work, and it should be a good time; it always is. See you there!


Well it’s time again. Time for our next show, and time for fall. I love this time of the year. The weather gets a little cooler, the leaves change, and of course, football starts. But here is a sneak peak at one of my two posters for our upcoming show, this Friday at TrickGo Clothing on Pine St. in Philly. If you want a little preview of Mike’s poster, check out his blog over at and for details about the show, check out the Facebook group. Posters will be on sale again, and we will be selling very limited TrickGoxNomNow t-shirt collaborations, so if you want your size, get there early! Starts at 6:00pm.

Nick + Sarah Etsy

So Sarah and I made an etsy account about a month ago. Right now we only have a few vintage items on there, and a couple things Sarah made, but we plan on making a lot of awesome stuff in the very near future. Stuff like handmade sketchbook/journals, art prints, clothing/accesories, jewelry, and a whole lot more. I finally made a logo for us, and here it is. While you’re at it, check out our store, and buy something if you’d like.

The Mobile Food Pantry

Mike told me about this awesome opportunity we had to help promote a contest run by Pepsi to make a poster for The Food Bank of South Jersey and their Mobile Food Pantry. So after a few days of brainstorming and getting rid of some ideas, I came up with this. It’s really an awesome thing and you guys should all go and vote for it. There’s only a few days left, and the top 5 will get their grant and this thing will actually happen, which is so amazing. So everyone should go here and vote and keep this thing in the top 5!